Operating Model Design

Buz Ops & Product delivery optimisation using Kanban

Services provided
On Demand Strategy & Operations

Improve speed to market and reduce waste in system of work


Financial services client needed to deliver key cross functional strategic initiatives in order to maintain solvency requirements.

The story

Prioritisation is a mess, pet projects and siloed working contribute to a bloated delivery pipe and progress is invisible. -- CTO

Summary of engagement

Designed a centralised prioritisation mechanism and project kanban system and a cross-functional team of directors/VPs to manage

  • Visualised the flow of work across the whole company using a combination of Lean, Kanban and value stream mapping techniques
  • Measured delivery wait times and cycle times to identify bottlenecks
  • Throttled pipeline and mandated a 1:1 project:team ratio of delivery to maximise speed
  • Created MIBI and buz ops 'command centre' to monitor progress with zaps and alerting to control flow


  • Delivered value faster and optimised a £50 million portfolio of projects that enabled the company to meet its solvency requirements and board commitments.