Product Leadership

Product org design: from silos to cross-functional op model

Services provided
Transformation Leadership

Design and shift from functional silos to cross-functional operating model


FinTech client who wanted to unlock speed, product autonomy and team engagement through transformation of operating model from a project based and functional hierarchy to network of teams organised around value.

The story

We have to be able to respond more rapidly to a demanding regulator and market context that is increasingly characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity.


Summary of engagement

Led strategy design and translated executive vision into clear tangible roadmap before leading execution (250person transformation)

  • Managed conflict and aligned directors on future state
  • Designed target operating model including product delivery process, team structure, onboarding processes, roles and growth frameworks
  • Led change management, comms and transformation activities
  • Coached and taught leaders in new methods, process and behaviour


250 person restructure into crossfunctional team network aligned to product and service

  1. 3X speed improvement in feature time to market
  2. £1.5million cost saving achieved