Leadership Coaching

Improve team productivity, engagement and reduce churn

Services provided
Enterprise Agile Coaching

Improve team productivity and engagement


Cultural issues identified at Fintech client: lack of trust and transparency amongst 15 x product team ecosystem causing talent churn and product delivery issues

The story

Complaints of toxicity, low Peakon scores and poor communication between teams leading to talent churn and a pretty crappy environment

-Chief People Officer

Summary of engagement

Designed bespoke team health diagnostic and worked team by team in a coaching capacity to flush problems and rapidly fix impediments to productivity:

  • Created strong leadership alliance with principles,engineering managers and product managers
  • Invited all team members to co-create diagnostic
  • Crowd-sourced ideas to improve situation
  • Positioned outcomes as way of working experiments
  • Tackled gaps in leadership capability through bespoke coaching of 6 managers
  • Built management community of practice to embed learnings and growth
  • Celebrated successes across whole company


  1. 70% improvement to engagement scores across 15 x squad ecosystem