Culture Design

Culture design: co-creating a playbook for how we work

Services provided
Culture Design

Co-created culture playbook to anchor remote way of working


FinTech client who wanted to advertise and promote the culture they had built before and during the pandemic to attract talent and align behind common set of behaviours and practices as the org grew.

The story

We want to celebrate our way of working and make sure it is front and centre of our Employee value proposition, connecting with our brand experience to attract top talent from around the world.

- Chief People Officer

Summary of engagement

Facilitated culture design using principles of #open-space #co-creation and #lego-serious-play

  • Led synchronous and asynchronous co-creation workshops (5-250 people workshops/events using Miro/Notion/
  • Built out Notion playbook to include: values, behaviours, structure, decision-making, roles, accountabillities and more
  • Led change management, comms and transformation activities
  • Coached and taught leaders in new methods, process and behaviour
  • Re-designed growth frameworks and performance mechanism


- Increased Sunday Times 100 Engagement score by 2 quartiles.

- Improved talent retention by 20%

- Improved manager ratings by 65% in one function and 15% across the business